Rajpal Yadav Shares Insight Into ‘Kaam Chalu Hai’ Aiming At Pothole Free India

Rajpal Yadav said that he felt very fortunate that he portrayed the character of a father like Manoj Patil in the movie 'Kaam Chalu Hai', which is a social topic that features potholes in India.

Bollywood’s one of the comedy actor Rajpal Yadav has come up with a new shade to his comedy actor image. He will be seen in a serious and emotional role in his upcoming movie ‘Kaam Chalu Hai’. The movie is based on the true story of Manoj Patil who resides in Sangali and has lost his daughter because of potholes. Kaam Chalu Hai, directed by Palash Munchhal, cast Giaa Manek alongside Rajpal Yadav. In an exclusive interview with Lehren Retro, the starcast and director shared their experiences and opinions regarding accidents due to potholes which have featured in the movie. 

Rajpal Yadav, who portrayed the character of a father, outlined his character saying, “We can’t define the character of a Father. It is an emotion.” He felt very fortunate that he gained the golden opportunity to play this role in Kaam Chalu Hai.  But he also said that no father ever had to face such a horrible condition in life like Manoj Patil. Director Palash reflected his opinion on the core of the film; he said that the movie is about a thing which could happen to any of us. It is one of the big concerning topics which hasn’t become that big yet. This film has been selected for promotion at Cannes Film Festival 2024. This social film is aimed at creating a pothole free India soon. 

Giaa Manek, who is popularly known for her role of Gopi Bahu in the TV series, portrayed the character of Rajpal’s wife in the movie. She shared her experience of working with Rajpal Yadav. “His sense of humor is fantastic, so having him next to us on set, there is never a dull moment.   As film is a social topic, it has to reach more and more audiences and hence, the makers have gone with OTT release. Kaam Chalu Hai will be released on April 19 on Zee5. 

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