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Netflix’s Carter Ending Explained!

Netflix's carter recently hit the streaming platform and the fans want more as they left with several unanswered questions.

South Korean action thriller Netflix film from director Jung Byung-gil recently hit the streaming platform. Joo Woon, Lee Sung-jae and Jung So-ri starred in the main roles in Carter, with Lee Sung-jae as Kim Jong-hyuk, Kim Bo-min as Jung Ha-na, Jung Jae-young as Dr. Jung, Byung-ho, Jung Hae-kyun, Camilla Belle as Agnes and Andreas Fronk as CIA Agent. The film centres around a man called Carter, who suddenly awakens two months after a deadly pandemic has ravaged large areas of the United States of America and the Korean peninsula.

With rumours circulating that this new disease first appeared in the Korean demilitarized zone, there is pressure on both the Korean authorities and the CIA to trace the source. Carter wakes up with no memory of who he is or what happened two months prior, but he also has a mysterious device in his head, a bomb surgically implanted into his mouth and an unknown person giving him instructions through an earpiece.

However, as the movie reaches to its end, Carter has all of his memories back and the doctor was able to use Ha-na’s blood to cure Yoon-hee. When last we see Carter, Jung-hee, Yoon-hee, Dr. Jung Byung-ho (Jung jae-young), and Ha-na, they’re aboard a train operated by the Chinese government that’s carrying a whole bunch of infected people to the city of Dandong in China.

The movie ends with a dramatic explosion leading all the heroes dead. Though the explosion was for good as that’s the only way to stop infected passengers. But the ending left fans with several questions and most importantly, what about Carter?? Though the makers didn’t announce a sequel, the ending demands more story. Fans are hoping that the directors may soon announce Netflix’s Carter sequel.

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Credit: Official YouTube Channel Of Netflix
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