Celebrity Matchmaker Sima Taparia Charges This Much Amount To Find A Match, Read To Know

Besides her role on Indian Matchmaking, she will be appearing on Temptation Island India, where she'll offer guidance to young couples.

The Netflix show “Indian Matchmaking” became an instant hit among youngsters upon its release on OTT platforms. The series explores the process of matchmaking in India and illustrates how arranged marriages are facilitated with the assistance of a matchmaker. The show prominently features Mumbai-based matchmaker Sima Taparia.

Sima swiftly gained popularity among youngsters after the show, attracting many seeking her expertise in finding suitable matches. However, her charges might come as a surprise since her services don’t come cheap.

According to Lifestyle Asia, Sima Taparia’s fees start at Rs 1 lakh and can soar as high as Rs 5 lakhs, charged from both sides involved in the match.

Discussing her matchmaking approach with CNN Travel, Sima explained, “I visit the boy and the family, observe their home, their workplaces, and educational backgrounds. This helps me evaluate their lifestyles to recommend matches that are compatible. This is something Tinder, Bumble, and Shaadi.com can’t offer. I delve into details, uncovering family values and other aspects not visible on an online profile.”

Besides her role on “Indian Matchmaking,” she will be appearing on “Temptation Island India,” where she’ll offer guidance to young couples.

In an interview with the Indian Express, when asked about building strong relationships, Sima Taparia remarked, “Ego often emerges as the primary reason for failed relationships today. When ego dominates and there’s a lack of respect for your partner, problems arise. Setting aside ego and communicating respectfully are crucial for enduring relationships.”

Expanding on relationships, she added, “Adjustment and compromise are two other crucial components for a successful relationship. Compromise kaha nahi karte, be it work or in relationships, it’s very important to compromise.”

Three seasons of “Indian Matchmaking” have been released so far.

Having been in a successful arranged marriage herself, Sima Taparia is a staunch believer in the concept of arranged marriages.

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