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Madonna’s Daughter Lourdes Gets Criticized For Her Choice To Grow Out Her Underarm Hair

Madonna shared a new selfie with her look-alike daughter Lourdes, but as she proudly displayed her armpit hair it raised many questions.

Lourdes Leon looks stunning in a new picture with her superstar mother! The 24-year-old daughter of pop icon Madonna, 62, confidently flaunted her armpit hair while posing in a garden and wearing a green halterneck outfit.

Madonna captioned the post, “Like Pieces of Your Heart Walking Around Outside of You #lola,” referring to her eldest daughter.

While some fans questioned Lourdes for growing out her armpit hair, like a user, said “ Its not hygienic” another said “she needs to shave” and comments on shaving her armpits went on, but many fans quickly called them out too saying “2021 and people are still surprised that an adult woman has body hair,” one wrote, while another commented, “Why y’all talking about the armpit hair like just admire the picture gosh. is that too hard.”

Well in my opinion whether it’s a feminist statement or simply a matter of choice it shouldn’t be a matter of concern or a point to criticize anyone. Pour in your thoughts too in the comment section below. 

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