Why Craig Conover Thinks It’s “Very Possible” That He and Paige DeSorbo Might Break Up.

When Craig Conover opened up about his relationship with Paige DeSorbo on the March 21 episode of Summer House, he dropped a major surprise. See why he doesn't think their love lives last.

Craig Conover has a not-so-charming prediction about his relationship with Paige DeSorbo. Indeed, when the star of Southern Charm discussed his lengthy distance romance with a New York native during an appearance on Summer House’s March 21, he delivered some very interesting remarks. “I’m in love with Paige,” Craig said to best friend Kyle Cooke. “If we work out, we work out. But it isn’t the end of the world if we don’t.”

Kyle was surprised by the frank admission made by his hometown of Charleston. “What do you mean by that ‘if we work out, we work out’?” he replied. “You’re seeing a world where you’re not going to end up with her?”

“I mean, there’s always a chance, isn’t there?” the cohost of the Pillows and Beer podcast answered. We’re living in different places, you know. She’s living in New York, and she likes it there. I’m a big fan of Charleston, and I do business out of Charleston. That’s a very real possibility. You would have been naive to think that everything was going to work out.’ After more than two years of dating Paige, Kyle was still shocked by his friend’s honesty about the possibility of a breakup.

“I respect that Paige and Craig have made this long-distance relationship work,” Kyle admitted in a confessional. “It’s a recipe for failure most of the time.” Or people exploit the distance, and they’re unfaithful. Well, I’ll root for them. But this is the first time I’ve heard any kind of doubt coming from Craig. He said last summer, “We’re going to have an engagement before the end of the year.” Kyle, however, was struck by Paige’s refusal to move out of New York and relocate south.

“Something’s going to have to give at some point,” the founder of Loverboy remarked. The way she feels, the choices she makes, and what she needs seem to be a great deal of it.” And Craig was also beginning to feel the uncertainty of what the future held for the couple.

It would be a little more secure in my perfect world to say, “One day we’ll get married and have kids,” Craig said. “She said we were going to do it.” So, I’ve got to adapt my insecurities and impatience, or don’t believe her. It won’t be a long time before my patience wears off, will it? That’s a risk, that’s what it is.”

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