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Watch Rebel Wilson ‘Tears It Up’ In The Gym

Rebel Wilson provides inspiration for some serious workouts! After celebrating her 40th birthday at Disneyland, the Aussie beauty hit the gym— and she looks phenomenal.

Rebel Wilson is now back to her routine at the gym after her 40th birthday! The Cats star first unveiled her amazing weight loss transformation in March 2019 over a year ago, but Rebel is not stopping now. Since having a slice or two of birthday cake, the Aussie actress took to Instagram on March 5 to share a video of their gym workout. “Okay too much quality birthday ! Time to hit the gym and tear it up,”

She was captioned the video. She sports black tights in the clip, and a long-sleeved black top as she does free weights, abs exercises on a medicine ball, and legs workout. The Britney Spears hit “Work B***h” plays in the sped-up video, which is the greatest workout song for sure!

After their significant weight loss, the actress has never been happier, a source disclosed to an entertainment site on March 4. “Rebel looks and feels amazing, all her hard work has paid off,” the source said. But Rebel’s fitness journey isn’t over yet — and the year has barely begun! “She’s not done, she’s feeling unstoppable,” the source added. “At the beginning of the year she vowed to make this year all about being healthy, and she’s really stuck to that resolution and is reaping the benefits in every way.”

In a January 2 Instagram post, Rebel promised that 2020 will be “The Year of Health” and she wasn’t joking!

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