Tom Felton Opens Up On His Relationship With Harry Potter Co-star Daniel Radcliffe

Tom Felton starred as Draco Malfoy and Daniel Radcliffe played the role of Harry Potter in the J.K Rowling film.

Tom Felton recently revealed that there’s no real-life Gryffindor-Slytherin rivalry between him and Daniel Radcliffe. In his latest interview, the Harry Potter star opened up about his “fantastic” relationship with costar Radcliffe revealing that despite once playing enemies onscreen, Radcliffe is like ‘a brother’ to him in real life.

While promoting his newly released memoir Beyond the Wand on CBS Morning, Felton shared, “I love the man dearly. I don’t see him as much as I’d like to, that’s the same for all of us, really. But I consider him a brother, definitely. Huge amounts of respect for him.” The actor went on to say that Radcliffe “brings a certain energy to any room that he’s in.” “But it was important to me, looking back, how important his enthusiasm and his eventual professionalism runs down the ranks if you will,” Felton added.

Felton continued, “He could’ve very much easily, I think, coasted a lot of those years. And it seemed to me, on set with him, that he was always up for bringing as much as he can to the table, always being collaborative.” “And I think he learned that the same way that I did: from the other chaps around us,” said the star, who played Draco Malfoy, the longtime rival of Radcliffe’s Harry Potter.

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Felton also confirmed that he thinks Draco and Harry were almost put into Slytherin’s house alongside Draco by the Sorting Hat in their first year at Hogwarts before going to Gryffindor “could be” two sides of the same coin. The actor shared about Harry’s character, “You have one boy who has no parents, no money, no status, but he has everything that is good with the world: He has love and compassion and friends and truth and honesty.”

He then went on to describe his character Draco, “And the other side is the slightly darker one, [with] very powerful parents, lots of money, big house, all the toys, but also a bully and someone that can’t find a way of expressing his light because he hasn’t been shown any his entire life. These are broad sweeps of the brush, but I think it’s fairly true.”