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Taylor Swift Drops A Tough Red Vault Track Puzzle For Fans

An exciting scoop of the day here is that renowned singer Taylor Swift drops a tough Red vault track puzzle for fans on social media a few hours back.

We all know that its been a bit of a while now ever since the Grammy award winning singer and songwriter Taylor Swift dropped one of her signature nerve wracking puzzles but an exciting news for the global fandom aka the Swifties is that finally Taylor Swift drops a tough Red vault track puzzle for fans.

Taking to both her social media handles on social networking apps Instagram and microblogging site Twitter, Folklore (2020) fame iconic American singer and popstar Taylor Swift drops a tough Red vault track puzzle for fans.

Teasing all her fans across the globe with this new challenge that actually requires some serious level of code cracking tactics, Taylor Swift drops a tough Red vault track puzzle for fans.

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Taylor who is actually in the intense preparation mode and also gearing up for the much awaited release of the re-recorded album Red (Taylor’s Version), took to her official social media handle on instagram and dropped a video post of the mentioned puzzle with a broad and bold wink to her fans and her wittily brazen caption reads, “Presses post cackles maniacally Level: casually cruel in the name of being honest”.

Source: Taylor Swift Instagram. She posted this tongue twisting and nerve wracking puzzle video from Red featuring jumbled letters for all her global fans to guess and decipher names of tracks and singers as well.

Speaking about this video, which is co incidentally also describing clearly of how much it is Red in its tone does feature a vault which is seen slowly releasing set of jumbled letters as the leaves keep on falling.

Now if its seen closely enough, then surely the falling leaves do make sense since we all already know that Red is coming in the Fall on 19th November but the letters are surely confusing enough as once can’t determine what are all these specifically skewed and jumbled letters for wherein we see ‘OEHROIJLSCNNS’, ‘TVFSHPTBEULZO’, ‘NOTELPATSIEEV’ and many more fly past the screens.

The Vault in itself is a really huge clue as these letters are basically hinting the fans about the clues to the songs from the Red vault which are finally going to be a part of the spotlight and are totally creating the buzz even before this album drops which is actually also piquing the curiosity level of fans and netizens who are now thrilled for Red.

Taylor had previously also mentioned about how she had written almost 30 songs for the album and speaking about it back in June 2021, she had said, “This will be the first time you hear all 30 songs that were meant to go on Red. And hey, one of them is even ten minutes long”.

Luckily for the fans and people who are still unaware, Twitter Swifties and Redditors together have already started cracking the case.

Some consider that letters are a crossword puzzle or a word search. Others see ‘MEBRIDGERSKOE’ as a sure shot hint that musician Phoebe Bridgers may make an appearance on the album.

A twitter user named @campaignproblems wrote, ‘I can see Ronan, Better, You, Nights and Bridgers but can’t make out anything else’.

Others have seen Sheeran and Stapleton, AKA Ed and Chris, respectively. Better and Man are also included which are a reference to her collaboration with country’s Little Big Town.

Twitter-based fandom of the singer aka Swifties also got to work right away. One fan who literally explained the clues in an effort of figuring out Taylor’s secret message wrote, ‘Of course @taylorswift13 would have us intensely completely a 13×13 word search puzzle at 9am. Of course she would’.

Others used Taylor’s own words against her as they tried to solve the puzzle  in which a really frustrated fan taking to social media handle on microblogging site Twitter tweeted, ‘Not you giving us these random letters to decode as a crossword puzzle but there’s no right answers because Fighting with him was like trying to solve a crossword and realizing there’s no right answer’.

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