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Stranger Things’ Sadie Sink Reveals What Did Max Writes In Her Letter To Lucas

Sadie Sink revealed that she might have an idea of what her character Max would've written to her friends, especially her love interest Lucas, played by Caleb McLaughlin.

In Stranger Things season 4 volume 1, Max, played by Sadie Sink, wrote letters to her friends and family in case she died at the hands of Vecna. While she reads the letter written to her brother, what she has written in her friends’ letters is still under wraps. Sadie is in the highly anticipated Netflix series, but that doesn’t mean she knows every last detail about her character. Certain things remain a secret even to the actress, including what the character wrote letters.

However, Sadie has an idea of what Max would’ve written to her friends. In a recent interview, Sadie shared, “With Max and Lucas, played by Caleb McLaughlin, it’s so tricky because they both just really care about each other.” The actress added, “but the love and care that Lucas has for Max terrify her, and the love and care that she has for Lucas terrifies her, so she would never say anything to that extent in person.”

Sadie then added that in the letter, Max would probably express some of that care and love that she has for him in a really genuine and vulnerable way. She then said that maybe max has not let go of her values even when she’s dead, and it’s just writing on paper. However, Sadie is just as curious about what Max would say to her other friends, like Steve a.k.a Joe Keery.

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Saidie shared in the interview, “What does she really think about these people? And, what is she dying to tell them that she can’t in person?” These are the questions that have been running through Sadie and Stranger Things fans’ minds, with the actress saying that she hopes the Duffer brothers revisit these last words further down the line. But, that’s only if Sadie survives Stranger Things 4: Volume II.

The actress said she doesn’t know anything about season five just yet, as the Duffer brothers have kept details under wraps, as usual. “I think a few cast members know what’s going to happen, but I have not received any information whatsoever,” she revealed. “Maybe I should work on that because I’m dying to know as well.” All the questions will be answered on July 1 with the release of Stranger Things 4: Volume II.

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