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Singer Dua Lipa Quits Smoking And Alcohol

Singer Dua Lipa has reduced her intake of alcohol and has quit smoking to save her voice. Read below to know more.

Singer Dua Lipa has pledged to reduce the intake of alcohol and quit smoking and has decided to sober-up whilst the COVID-19 shutdown in London.

The young singer said, “I don’t do dairy when I’m singing. I’ve also stopped drinking and I don’t smoke, either, when I’m touring.”

The reason why is she quitting these habits is to save her voice which might get damaged due to excess of alcohol and smoking.

But the tour has currently been delayed because of the novel coronavirus pandemic; this is the right time for the singer to improve her health.

Dua Lipa said, “It’s rubbish to postpone the tour but we all have to be safe.”

She further added, that the UK and Europe tour will now happen in 2021 and now has to let go of her 2020 plans.

As of today, her recent album ‘Future Nostalgia’ has sold 20,325 copies so far its first week of release.

Talking about Dua Lipa, the singer has been currently cooped up with her US Model boyfriend Anwar Hadid in London.

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