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Selena Gomez Opens Up About How She Is Feeling Amid The COVID-19 Lockdown; Check Out

Selena Gomez has admitted how the COVID-19 lockdown is affecting her and how she is coping up with it. Read below to know more.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone has been advised to stay indoors to combat the spread of the virus. Although the lockdown is protecting us from the deadly infection, it is bringing with itself never-ending boredom. The global pandemic is seeing a surge in mental health issues and even singer Selena Gomez is also feeling the current COVID-19 pandemic is very unsettling.

During her recent interaction with Puma, Selena revealed what she has been doing to stay afloat in the midst of the virus outbreak. As mentioned before the global pandemic is having adverse effects on the people with mental health issues, various celebs are sharing their own stories about the same and making people feel that they are not alone in the crisis.

While Selena agreed to the fact of consuming news and staying updated about the on-going situation, she also confessed that all the information can be very unsettling sometimes. Her advice to the people feeling this way is to take breaks while watching or reading news about the pandemic.

The Wolves singer said, “Like everyone else, I am feeling unsettled and going through a variety of emotions during this time. For that reason, I think it’s important to stay informed and be aware of the latest news, but also take breaks from it because it can be overwhelming.”

She further revealed how she is coping with this unsettling feeling, Selena said, “Reading and listening to music have been a huge factor in keeping me calm.”

Selena then went on to mention, “Before the stay-at-home ordinance, I was working in the studio. I didn’t want to lose that feeling of inspiration, so I am constantly writing ideas and lyrics down for songs in my journals.”

On the side note, Selena is also watching old movies and TV shows to keep herself entertained and she also shared a list of entertainment recommendations for her fans to watch amid the coronavirus lockdown.

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