Robert Pattinson’s Career Transformation Post Twilight.

Robert Pattinson has transformed way past his twilight days and now is a force to be reckoned with.

Robert Pattinson’s career has completely transformed post twilight. The actor who rose to fame playing Edward Cullen in the Twilight franchise for 5 years has made a separate name for himself apart from the teen romance by doing independent movies.

Robert Pattinson received his breakout role as Edward Cullen in Twilight but he’s managed to transform his career and reputation in the years to come.

The franchise started in 2008 and turned Pattinson into a teen heartthrob for the years to come.

This greatly benefited the franchise’s box office performance, but soon the quality of the sequels had many questioning the talents of Pattinson and co-star Kristen Stewart.

While he did not have much opportunity to work outside while in the franchise, he still worked in some movies like Water for Elephants and Remember Me. There too he had to work as a romantic lead.

By the time the Twilight franchise got over, he was already getting typecast as a romantic lead. The films monetised on his good looks and already huge popularity but did nothing for him as an actor.

Robert Pattinson’s Career Up Till Now

The few years after Twilight saw him appear in David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis and Maps to the Stars and Werner Herzog’s Queen of the Desert. From 2017 to 2019, Pattinson was seen in James Gray’s The Lost City of Z, the Safdie brothers’ Good Time, Claire Deniss’ High Life, and Robert Eggers’ The Lighthouse. The films not gave him starring roles, but they did wonders in showing Pattinson’s range as an actor, especially when he’s given great material and filmmakers to work with. 

Pattinson also appeared very recently in The Devil All The Time and his accent went semi viral.

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The transformation that Pattinson had as an actor is very impressive. It is one of reasons why those who saw what he did outside of Twilight were excited by his return to mainstream. He was one of the stars of Christopher Nolan’s new movie Tenet and will be the new Batman in Matt Reeves’ The Batman in 2021

The Batman movie will very likely be responsible for Pattinson becoming one of Hollywood’s biggest stars once again.

Robert Pattinson is now at a stage that he can pretty much take on any roles as he wishes and turn his career in any direction he wants. He may return to mainstream but it would be sensible if he does not completely abandon doing independent and character driven roles.

It could be major action movies or smaller films that give him a chance to compete at the Oscars, Robert Pattinson has indeed moved well past the days of Twilight by now.