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Major reasons we love Robert Downey Jr. aka Tony Stark

Following are some of the major reasons why we love Robert Downey Jr. aka Tony Stark.

Robert Downey Jr. is one of the biggest stars of the Hollywood industry. He has been ruling over a lot of hearts all over the world. Fans love him so madly that they follow his talking style, attitude, style, and a lot of other things. 

In real life, Robert Downey Jr. is highly relatable to his character Tony Stark. In 2008 Robert played Iron Man for the first time for the highly relatable character. Here are some major reasons why Robert is loved so much.

The first major reason for loving Robert Downey Jr. is the amount of sarcasm in his statements. It is almost every comment or statement of Robert which have sarcasm in it. He tries placing his point to his audience in a sarcastic way. 

The fearless attitude of Robert Downey Jr. is to die for. He doesn’t care he is in a press meet or an award show or among the kids, he is as fearless as he is at his residence. He passes his sarcastic comment with a lot of self-obsession but fearlessly.

Other reasons to love RDJ are his personality, his style, his fashion, etc.

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