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Lady Gaga Filmed An ‘Intimate’ Scene With Salma Hayek In House Of Gucci But It Was Cut

Lady Gaga recently claimed that 'There's a whole side of this film that you did not see.'

Lady Gaga has recently revealed that she and Salma Hayek filmed a s*x scene that was cut from House of Gucci. The actress has claimed there is ‘a whole side of this film’ that was not shown in the final cut. According to Gaga, 35, Patrizia, who was convicted of hiring a hitman to kill husband Maurizio, played by Adam Driver in Ridley Scott’s movie, ‘developed a s**ual relationship’ with her psychic Giuseppina ‘Pina’ Auriemma played by Salma Hayek in unused footage.

During an interview shared through Pop Crave’s Twitter account, Lady Gaga, who is tipped to win an Oscar for the role of Patrizia in the drama based on the real-life murder of Maurizio Gucci, revealed, “There’s a whole side of this film that you did not see, where Pina and I developed a s**ual relationship.” She added, “Director’s cut, who knows.”

Lady Gaga went on saying, “This is a testament to Ridley Scott as a director because he allowed us to go there, and I remember being on set with Salma and going, ‘So after Maurizio dies, maybe it gets hot?’ And she was like, ‘What are you talking about?'” Salma then quipped, “‘You think she’s kidding.'”

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Elsewhere, A Star Is Born actress recently said that she ‘began to believe’ Patrizia had sent a ‘large swarm of flies’ to the set. The hitmaker was surrounded by insects while she was bidding farewell to the character on the last day of filming. Gaga shared, “On the last day of filming, I was on the balcony of my apartment in Rome, and I was blasting Dean Martin singing Mambo Italiano, and I had a cigarette hanging out of my mouth.”

The actress continues, “I was Patrizia. But I knew I had to say goodbye to her. Large swarms of flies kept following me around, and I truly began to believe that she had sent them. I was ready to let her go.” Meanwhile, the heirs of Aldo Gucci, who was played by Al Pacino, recently stated, “The production of the film did not bother to consult the heirs before describing Aldo Gucci, president of the company for 30 years, and the members of the Gucci family as thugs, ignorant and insensitive to the world around them.”

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