Khloe Kardashian Faces Trolling For Not Encouraging People To Vote

Reality TV show star Khloe Kardashian faces heavy trolling for not encouraging people to vote for the on-going American elections.

The reality TV show star Khloe Kardashian faces lots of trolling on social media. The reason behind the trolls attacking her is for not encouraging the people to vote. As everyone knows that the American elections are underway and they are a crucial one. The majority of the celebs have shown their support to either Trump or Biden who are running for the presidential race.

As the elections hold so much importance, people have been experiencing anxiety until the final results are announced. Speaking of the same, Khloe took to her social media and shared a story written, “I haven’t slept, not for a minute! Anxiety on 10 10 10.”

Furthermore, she added, “I am seeing that so many people were unable to sleep because of the elections. Even not from this country. Many are riddled with nerves. Try to take care of yourselves today. 30 mins of praying or meditation may help. We will all get through this together. We have to.”

Here’s when the trolling began. Many called out Khloe or her family for not encouraging people to vote. A user said that the KarJenner hasn’t tried to encourage people to go and vote even when they are influencers.

Khloe responded, “My family &I have encouraged the importance of voting, registering to vote and using your platforms. we have been posting for weeks/weeks where people can register. Where people can vote. We have made it super simplistic/easy. Please be fully informed before u make untrue claims.”

However, Khloe’s elder sister Kim Kardashian West did encourage people to go and vote. But later on, she deleted the post and put up another one. The beauty mogul deleted the I voted story and posted a black and white selfie instead with the I Voted tag on her thumb.

Many of Kim Kardashian West’s fans and followers believe that the beauty mogul has voted for the Republican party candidate Donald Trump.

Well, it seems like the Kardashians have found themselves into another feud and they are yet to react to the same.