Keith Urban Unveils The Secret Element Of His Healthy Marriage With Nicole Kidman

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman have been married for the last 17 years. Just like every other couple, Keith and Nicole have that one element which has kept their relation alive.

Somebody Like You singer Keith Urban, who attended the 2024 CMT Awards on Sunday, April 7 opened up about his long-running marriage with Nicole Kidman. It’s very rare. Nowadays, relationships and marriages are fragile. But Keith and Nicole have been in a healthy marriage for the last 17 years. When he was asked about that one magical element which has kept their marriage alive, he didn’t show extraordinary curiosity, as he thinks everyone has different kinds of relationships. 

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman tied the knot with each other in the year 2006 and the couple shared two daughters, 15-year-old Sunday Rose and 13-year-old Faith Margaret. Talking about his 17 years of marriage at the CMT Awards with E News, he said, “If I answer that, it’ll come across as advice for other married people. I have no advice for anybody.” He continued further, “You guys figure out whatever works for you. We’re figuring it out. You figure it out. Everybody’s different.” He tried to reflect on the element that every couple has an equation that an outsider can’t understand and hence, each couple is different. The Grammy winner said, “There’s no one size fits all.”

But he revealed one element in their successful marriage. Nicole also takes a keen interest in the singer’s music elements. He noted, “We sing around the house a lot. So, why not?” A long time ago, The Aquaman actress talked about their marriage, and she too emphasized the same factor, saying “The great thing about being married to a musician—you have music in the house all the time.” It seems like it’s actually the music which has kept their romance alive in the 17 years of marriage.

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