When Margot Robbie’s Mother Warned Her About Will Smith

There were rumors of Margot Robbie and Will Smith's relationship and therefore, Margot's mother advised her as she was concerned about her image in Hollywood.

Hollywood’s two most popular faces, Margot Robbie and Will Smith, were rumored to be in a relationship. Their photobooth images went viral and people almost believed that they guys were dating each other. But there is no such relationship that exists between the Barbie actress and the Men In Black actor. And despite this clear picture between them, Margot Robbie’s mother advised her, showing concern about Margot’s image in Hollywood. 

Margot Robbie and Will Smith shared the screen in ‘Focus’ 2015 and ‘Suicide Squad’ 2016. They made public appearances together for professional reasons, but the dating rumors spread like wildfire and became sizzling news. In fact, Will Smith was married for 17/18 years when he was working with the Barbie actress. And hence, many claimed that he cheated on wife Jada Pinkett Smith over Margot. Just like others, even Margot’s mother somehow believed her and cautioned her about her appearance with Smith. 

Margot outlined the incident, “But even my mum’s like, ‘Margot, be careful next time you’re at a party.’ ‘Mum! We weren’t even at a party! We’re at work. We weren’t drunk. We were between scenes on set!” Margot got paired with another veteran, Leonardo DiCaprio, for no reason. She said, “It’s unavoidable. A little while back, they put pictures in the magazines saying Leo and I were on a balcony in Miami. It’s not me. It’s a 6-foot Ukrainian model.” The actress later revealed that she was fed up with such rumors and even if she locked herself somewhere in the room for the rest of her life, thereafter people would make news of her affair with someone else.

Undoubtedly, Margot Robbie became a sensation after her 2023’s blockbuster ‘Barbie’. It has gained her tremendous recognition not only in Hollywood but in the entire world. 

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