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Justin Bieber Unveils His Latest Music Video ‘Ghost’ – Watch

Justin Bieber has released the full music video for his song 'Ghost' on Friday. The latest music video is a touching portrayal of grief and love.

After teasing the video and the casting of Oscar-winning actress Diane Keaton, Justin Bieber has released the full music video for his song Ghost on Friday. The music video is a touching portrayal of grief, which comes after Bieber performed the new track at the Video Music Awards.

The 27-year-old singer has shared a teaser from the video on social media on Thursday afternoon, with the 75-year-old Keaton on Instagram. Keaton commented “Thank you for having me!!! @justinbieber.” However, the godfather actress also shared the teaser on Instagram.

The video commences with Bieber on a beach watching the tide come in, before flashing back to some happy memories of the singer with his grandmother (Diane Keaton). Bieber and Keaton are singing and clapping along as Bieber plays the piano with another actor portraying the singer’s grandfather. The video changes back and forth to justin bieber in a black suit on the beach, to memories with his grandparents, including one where he is bringing a tiered cake out for his beloved grandfather’s birthday.

Justin can also be seen crouching on the beach, seemingly overcome by these memories, as the song picks up at the grandfather’s funeral, with Bieber and Keaton holding hands. The song starts with an upbeat EDM tempo, as he sings about mourning a loss, seen hugging his grandmother in the video during the funeral scene.

The video then takes two years later, as Bieber sings, “If I can’t be close to you/I’ll settle for the Ghost of you.” keaton is seen in the kitchen while justin bieber sits on a staircase, looking at a photo when inspiration strikes and he leaves the home. He returns with Gucci bags and a dress bag, telling his grandmother, “We’re going out, let’s go,” as she changes into a dress he brought for her.

They go out to dinner and then have some drinks at the bar. They later dance the night away and having a blast. The night continues as they keep drinking and dancing before going back home and looking over old photos of his late grandfather. The scene changes, justin bieber and diane keaton are seen driving down the Pacific Coast Highway in a pristine vintage Corvette. They both head down to the beach, carrying a gold urn, as grandma dumps the ashes into the ocean.

When they walk back to the car, Bieber has a surprise for Keaton, with an older man waiting by their car, as he admits he set it all up. As she walks towards her potential new beau, Bieber glances at a small photo of his grandfather before smiling back at his grandmother as the video comes to an end.

Catch FullSong Here:

Credits: Official YouTube Channel of Justin Bieber

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