Justin Bieber receives the WORST news a day after he marries Hailey Baldwin

Justin Bieber took to his Instagram Stories and shared the "worst news ever" about his health a day after his marriage to Hailey Baldwin. Read all about it below

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin who recently tied the knot are now currently enjoying married bliss. Both Justin and Hailey are seen sharing adorable pics and are often seen gushing about each other on social media. But recently Justin took some time off sharing adorable pictures from their wedding and current whereabouts and shared with fans the worst news he has ever received. Justin in his Instagram stories revealed that he has got a new allergy and it is surely changing his life!

Justin on his Instagram shared a picture of a beer bottle and admitted that he is now allergic to gluten. Justin further added that now due to his allergy she can no longer drink his favourite drink. But thankfully he has now found a replacement. She shared another picture of his new favourite drink while he also updated fans about his newfound allergy. Though it’s still unclear as to how he developed the medical condition.

Justin is seen giving importance to his health lately. Not only has he opted for gluten-free alcohol but he has also changed his diet and opting for gluten-free meals. Justin also recently shared another picture of his gluten-free breakfast and captioned it as, “Gluten free toast steak sunny side up eggs and avacado (thanx)

Justin also seems to be down with baby fever. He took to his social media and shared heartwarming videos of babies and also hinted at how he and his wife Hailey would make gorgeous babies. He shared a video of an adorable munchkin and captioned the video as, “Hailey with your attitude and my savage behaviour we are in a world of trouble haha.”