Johnny Depp To Donate $1 Million He Received From His Ex-Wife Amber Heard

Johnny Depp is donating the settlement money he received from ex-wife Amber Heard to charity.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s relationship and the drama that followed led to one of the most popular and controversial celebrity court cases of all time. Since the duo separated in 2016, they have been in the headlines for many reasons. The issue was settled in 2022 after Dapp emerged as the winner in the defamation case. Although Heard has been away from social media for a long time, she is again in the headlines as she has paid the $1 million settlement she owes because of her legal disputes with Depp.

Six months after the issues between the two were resolved, Depp finally received the settlement amount from Heard’s insurance company. According to reports, Depp’s charities would distribute the funds equally, with each receiving $200,000.

The charities Johnny has chosen range from those that benefit sick children to those that provide safe housing for various communities.

Johnny Depp has always maintained that he never attempted to obtain any money from his ex-wife even though they engaged in a court dispute over the years and that he only wanted to cleanse his name off the accusations leveled against him.

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