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Jason Momoa Reveals Ben Affleck May Return As Batman

Ben Affleck made his debut as the Dark Knight in 2016's Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Ben Affleck may return as a caped crusader. The Academy Award-winning actor recently fueled rumours that he’s returning to the role of Batman in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. The rumours swirled on the internet as Jason Momoa shared some photos of their recent shooting on the Warner Bros. lot, where they were clocked by fans on a tour.

Momoa previously teased on his Instagram Story that he’s ‘back on set’ and ‘can’t tell you what I’m doing’ as it’s ‘top secret,’ while promoting his Mananalu Water’s reusable aluminium bottles, which were made available in his trailer. “All I can say is, thank you to one of my favourite production companies for having me and taking care of the environment because I can’t say much more,” Momoa said. “But good things are happening.”

The Aquaman star later shared a video of himself cracking up after a tour group apparently happened upon himself and Affleck leaving the set. “Well, it’s not a f*** secret anymore, is it?” Momoa said as he filmed the fans laughing on the tour bus, before apologizing for cursing in front of the kids. “That’s what happens, Warner Bros. when you walk out of your set and there are our fans. Well, we tried to keep it a secret.”

Momoa also shared some photos of the Justice League costars getting chummy and horsing around behind the scenes, while Affleck appeared to be sporting Bruce Wayne’s finest threads. Alongside the goofy photos, Momoa penned in the caption, “REUNITED Bruce and Arthur. Love u and miss u Ben WB studio tours just explored the backlot alright. Busted on set all great things coming AQUAMAN 2 all my aloha J.”

Although the DC superhero film wrapped filming back in December, reshoots appear to be underway for the blockbuster that’s scheduled to premiere in March 2023. Affleck, who previously said he took the role of Bruce Wayne “for my kids,” made his debut as the Dark Knight in 2016’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. He’s since played Batman in five DCEU films, including Zack Snyder’s Justice League and The Flash, which also premieres next year.

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