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Here’s What Max Ehrich Is Up To After His Breakup With Demi Lovato

After his split with Demi Lovato, her boyfriend Max Ehrich is at times wanting to win her back while trying to move on. Read below to know more.

The news of Max Ehrich and Demi Lovato baffled their fans. The now-former lovebirds amicably called-off their 6-month relationship and 2-month engagement. After the breakup, Max has been pretty active on his social media. While Demi seems to have moved on, Max is finding it hard to let go. Clearly, Max Ehrich is finding it hard after his breakup with Demi.

As per the latest update by E! News, Max Ehrich was spotted getting emotional over the weekend. The Young and The Restless actor was at the beach in Malibu while having an alleged breakdown.

However, Max is confusing all of his fans. As on one hand, he is trying to win Demi back while on the other his link-up rumours with American Idol contestant is also making rounds on the internet.

Max and Demi both are yet to publicly address their break-up. Till then fans will keep speculating the reason behind them parting their ways.

As per one of the sources, Max and Demi’s romance blossomed amid the lockdown. During this period both had a lot of free time on their hands and it helped them bond. However, after the lockdown when their work resumed, they started to notice flaws in their relationship.

Another source stated that Max used Demi to get instant fame and there was nothing beyond that. Hearsay suggests that Demi wanted to accompany Max to the location of his upcoming project’s shoot. But the actor didn’t let her come along with him.

This led to an alleged heated argument between the two as Demi wanted to be close to Max but the latter didn’t want the same.

Some rumours also suggest that the two haven’t officially broken up. It is because they have to focus on their respective careers.

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Well, Max Ehrich and Demi Lovato still hold a lot of respect for each other after their breakup. Their fans are secretly hoping that they reconcile.

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