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Here’s a Flawless Dream Cast for ‘The Batman’ With Robert Pattinson

The news has confirmed that Robert Pattinson would be cast as the new Dark Knight in The Batman movie. The actor has earlier starred in Twilight.

There are a lot of speculations as to who would appear along with him in the 2021 Batman movie directed by Matt Reeves. As for now, there are plans for 6 villains to show up in the Batman movie namely The Penguin which would be the main villain, Catwoman, Two-Face and The Riddler.

To believe the rumors, Jonah Hill is the latest competitor who would be featuring in the movie.

He will be playing the Penguin which is supposedly the main villain of The Batman.

John hill has shown his immense acting talent with a variety of roles in Netflix’s Maniac series and movies like The Wolf of the Wall Street, War Dogs and This Is The End.

The Riddler to be played by Sebastian Stan

The actor, Sebastian Stan, has already played mainstay of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in his role as Bucky Barnes/ The Winter Soldier. Stan has earlier mentioned that he is into the idea of joining the franchise again playing The Riddler.

The actor is great at playing a villain or amoral character.

Harvey dent /two faces played by David Herbert

He has already played different characters in superhero films. He has appeared in Hell-boy as the titular character and is also roped in upcoming, currently filming Marvel’s Black Widow movie.

He would be perfect for the character of Harvey Dent in the upcoming The Batman. The actor has also played Chief Hopper in Strange Things.

Selina Kyle/ Catwoman played by Hailee Steinfeld

She has been in blockbusters like a Bumblebee, The Pitch Perfect, The Edge of Seventeen movies besides several others.

She has also given a voice for Gwen Stacy in last year’s Academy Award-Winning Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse. She is a very versatile actor who can justify the character having different shades of villainous transformation.

Commissioner Jim Gordan played by Mahershala Ali

The Blade actor of the MCU is a perfect choice for a commissioner Gordan’s role who is very strong physically. Mahershala can handle police work with the perfection which he has showcased in season 3 of True Detective, too.

Alfred Pennyworth played by Jared Harris

This veteran actor of Bollywood has done great roles in his 30 years time span of the movies. Latest he was seen in the lead role in Craig Mazin’s Limited HBO series Chernobyl.

The actor has now declared his preference for television to movies but this The Batman would be an exception and an opportunity through which he will be bringing his immense talent and personality to the role of Alfred.

The Joker played by Caleb Landry Jones

It is expected that lesser-known actor Caleb Landry will play the character of the Joker in The Batman. He is young and that would make a great match with Pattinson’s younger Batman character. The actor has showcased his great capacity for playing creepy characters in the movie like getting Out, Twin Peaks: The Return.

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