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‘Harry Potter’ Star Katie Leung Calls Out Donald Trump

Recently, Harry Potter star Katie Leung took t oher twitter account to reply president donald trump and called him a' racist' COVID-19 the 'Chinese Virus'.

Actor Katie Leung who comes from a Chinese background was upset when American president Donald Trump named the COVID-19 in one of the latest tweets as the Chinese Virus. For his comment made on March 17, Katie Leung chose to clap back at Trump with her tweet Tuesday. The actor is well known for playing Cho Chang in the series Harry Potter.

In her tweet she used an Irish slang’ Go****te’ which is a term used by people who say unwanted and needless things. Although there is no specific explanation why Donald Trump should call COVID-19 a Chinese virus, people tend to speculate that it is because the Coronavirus comes from China.

Not the only the Harry Potter star  called Trump out on his tweet there were many celebrities. Anna Wintour, for an op-ed she wrote in a leading magazine, also rigged into POTUS. She said she is saddened by Donald Trump’s reply to the pandemic, as well as others. He also wrote how he lacked compassion and empathy for all those who suffer and fear.

The virus that causes the respiratory illness COVID-19 has now affected more than 8,000 lives and keeps spreading at an unprecedented pace to date. The high infectiveness has somehow contributed to the rise of stories of racism and xenophobia motivated towards Asians in America. Despite these claims, Donald Trump’s tweet didn’t go well with a lot of people like Katie Leung.

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