Guide To ‘The Love Is Blind’ Star Chelsea Blackwell Weight-Loss Journey

Flight attendant and The Love Is Blind star Chelsea Blackwell shared her simple yet effective insights into weight-loss journey.

We as fans always have that curiosity to know about celebrities’ lives, we wish to adapt their lifestyle into our daily life, and we do as per our convenience. Mostly we girls and females are always in search of some beauty tips, skin care tips and fitness tips, right? And therefore, today we are gonna explore the weight-loss journey of Chelsea Blackwell. 

Chelsea Blackwell appeared in the dating show The Love Is Blind and therefore, she has garnered a lot of buzz on the internet. Recently she shared her weight-loss journey on TikTok. “I stand by, I love my body”, The Love Is Blind star said, clarifying that she isn’t a nutritionist by any means. Throughout her life she wasn’t a small girl, but she has no regrets about it. Then you must be thinking why she opted for a weight-loss journey. Blackwell revealed that she wasn’t getting healthy vibes. She continued, “ I wasn’t feeling healthy. I wasn’t feeling strong. It was affecting my mental health and it was affecting my energy levels.”

Chelsea made a few changes to her diet as she is not such a breakfast girl. She started intermittent fasting. And she gave a very significant suggestion of protein intake. Blackwell consumes as many proteins as she can in each meal. She said, “Protein is what I try to have all my meals based on. Protein is my best friend. When I eat, I stick to as many fruits and vegetables as possible.” There is simple logic she mentioned, “When I eat better, I feel better.”

Whatever physique Blackwell has got is not because of the gym. She is not a gym girl but whenever she feels like doing it, she focuses on more outdoor activities. She highlighted, “The main key to something I think resulted in my weight-loss is walking.” So if you are planning to lose weight, follow these simple rules.  

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