Gigi Hadid Reveals She Is Inspired By Blake Lively

Blake Lively on 25th August celebrated her 33rd birthday. While she was blessed with beautiful birthday wishes.

The actress’ best friend Gigi Hadid even penned a sweet note on a special day.

The supermodel, Gigi Hadid who is expecting her first baby with hunk Zayn Malik, took to her Instagram stories and shared the birthday girl’s crazy photo and wished the actress on her special day.

In the photograph, Blake Lively and Gigi Hadid are seen standing on a high-end car while posing for the picture.

Hadid and Lively have reportedly been friends for years now, which makes sense considering the close bond which was on display in the birthday-themed post of the model between the two.

Both were first seen in public together back in October 2014 when both attended the God’s Love We Deliver, the Golden Heart Awards in New York City.

And as the two are such good friends, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to see that both of them took to social media to wish each other a happy birthday with similarly moving emotions.

Meanwhile, Gigi and Zayn are excited about welcoming their little baby girl in September.

According to news sources, the power couple picked the decor for their nursery, read through parenting books and many other preparations are in the process.

Well, we cannot wait to hear the good news! The couple will soon welcome the baby in New York City.