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Gal Gadot Will Star In Remake of Alfred Hitchcock Romance Thriller ‘To Catch A Thief’

The plot details of the upcoming remake of 'To Catch A Thief' starring Wonder Woman actress Gal Gadot are kept under wraps.

Gal Gadot is reportedly planning to star in a remake of the Alfred Hitchock romance thriller To Catch A Thief. Based on a mystery novel by David Dodge, the 1955 Hitchcock movie starred Cary Grant and Grace Kelly in the lead roles. In addition to starring in the movie, the Wonder Women actress will also be a producer with her husband Jaron Varsano, according to The Wrap.

The movie is being set up at Paramount, the studio behind the original. Paramount Pictures has reportedly enlisted Eileen Jones, who wrote on the Lethal Weapon television series, to pen the screenplay of the remake of To Catch A Thief. To Catch A Thief plot follows Cary Grant who stars as John ‘The Cat’ Robie, a retired jewel thief who has reformed his lifestyle and settled in the Riviera.

Although he once went to prison for his misdeeds, he and his gang were allowed to remain out on parole because of their wartime work for the Resistance. However when jewel robberies begin again near where he lives in the French Riviera, the police suspect he may be involved. “What I can’t understand is how this thief can imitate me so perfectly,” says Robie.

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“It has to be someone who knew every detail of my technique.” The only way he can stay out of prison is to catch the current serial burglar, thereby proving that he himself is not the culprit. As part of his scheme, he woos Grace Kelly’s character Frances, the daughter of a rich widow whose huge jewelry stash has made her a target for the new ‘Cat.’ The new version of To Catch A Thief is not Gal’s only current venture into territory previously covered by Old Hollywood.

Gal Gadot is also starring in and producing an upcoming movie about Cleopatra, which has generated blowback on account of her being white. However, Gal Gadot’s most recent starring is in the upcoming mystery thriller Death On The Nile, which is scheduled to release exclusively in theatres on February 11. Gadot will next be seen as the Evil Queen in Disney’s live-action remake of Snow White.

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