Fashion Enthusiast Jared Leto Not To Attend Met Gala 2024, Here’s Why

Jared Leto, who has surprised fans with his crazy Met Gala appearances earlier, won't be attending Met Gala 2024 as the rocker is busy with something big.

American Vocalist Jared Leto attended the iHeartRadio Music Awards held on April 1. At the award show, he made a big revelation through a conversation with E! News. Yes, it’s true that this multi-talented artist is not attending one of the sensational events for fashion enthusiasts, called “The Met Gala 2024”. This entire year is going to be super-busy for this The Thirty Seconds To Mars rockstar. 

Jared Leto, along with his band, has embarked on their Season’s World Tour. Jared said, “Back on the road. It’s been five years.” This tour will cover Latin America, Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand. 

But he certainly said that he wouldn’t miss the glamorous and creative Meta Gala, virtually. He will definitely watch the red carpet entries embellished with unique attires. Earlier this year, Jared attended the Met Gala with his crazy fashion ideas; may it be a fake-severed head or a life-size cat costume. And he is always in search of more fashion inspiration. He jested, “I will be there in spirit with my head and my cat.”

But is the World Tour the only reason Leto is not attending the Met Gala? Definitely not. Along with his music concerts, he is doing a movie; a reboot of Tron released in 1982 and Tron Legacy released in 2010, called “Tron: Ares”. He defined the contrast between acting and concerts, “It’s very strange, to be honest, because the shows are about absolute freedom and acting is all about control. I’ve never really done it at the same exact time before. It’s pretty intense. It’s going to be an interesting experience”, he added. 

But that’s for sure, the camera flashes will miss Jared Leto’s unique fashion bringing this Met Gala. 

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