American Actor-Producer Drew Barrymore’s Take On Growing Up In Limelight Since Childhood

The Princess Power producer and Charlie's Angels actor Drew Barrymore shares about how it feels being the center of attention since she was a child.

American film producer and actor Drew Barrymore talked about what it’s like to be the center of attention and receive recognition from everybody since she was a young child. As reported by People she said, “The thing that comes to my mind is that I like working on myself and know that I need to keep working on myself. I know that it’s important to not be complacent and that there are always things that I can keep fixing, but I hope that one day and it’s coming into focus there’s a peace that I’ve never had because I feel like I was broken.”

“Now it feels more like I’m not broken as much anymore. We may feel that way on certain days, but if you work hard on yourself, you’ve got to go a little easier on yourself. And I’ve been very hard on myself throughout my life. I have pushed myself to become more stable and accountable, especially as a mom. Becoming a mom was game on for me,” added Drew.

At the age of eleven months, Barrymore began her career in Hollywood, continuing her family’s tradition. But during her lengthy career, she never brought her problems to work.

As she revealed, “I’m proud of is that since I was 11 months old and in a diaper and put to work, I have, no matter what I’ve gone through in my personal life, I have never brought it to work. I don’t come unprepared. And as much as I expect myself to be a better, stronger, wiser person, I also expect myself to show up for any professional endeavour, giving my all.”

For the unversed, Drew Barrymore has acted in many outstanding films like Charlie’s Angels, 50 First Dates & Lucky you and has also played her part as a producer in movies like How To Be Single, Animal & Princess Power.

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