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Drake Confirms He Had An Encounter With Police In Sweden

It was previously rumoured that Drake was arrested on marijuana-related charges while partying at a Swedish club but his team continuously denied it.

Drake is finally revealing the truth about a report that he had a run-in with police in Sweden and was arrested, which his team initially denied. The singer and rapper took to his Instagram page and shared a series of photos and videos documenting his trip to Ibiza including plenty of partying at a nightclub.

While most of the images showed him dancing and chatting with friends and fellow partygoers, there was one photo of a document Swedish authorities gave him that confirms all the mass speculation over the last few days that he had landed in trouble. At the very top left of the document it reads, ‘Polisen’, which translates to ‘the police’ in English, with the title being, ‘Information for Those Suspected of a Crime and Subsequently Detained’.

It’s also attributed to Public Prosecutor’s Office and the National Police Board. The document goes on to explain Drake’s rights under Swedish law, which are similar to Miranda rights given to people suspected of a crime in the U.S. Those rights are explained in bullet points on the print-out, beginning with how suspects have the right to ‘know what it is you are suspected of and why you are being detained.

The document also notes that Drake ‘ receives the aid of a defence attorney who under certain conditions can be paid for by the state’ and that he can ‘receive the assistance of an interpreter during interrogation if necessary’. But, it doesn’t appear things got that serious in this matter. The next portion of the document goes on to talk about the next steps that will happen in regard to the proceedings.

The rumour was that Drake was arrested on marijuana-related charges while partying at a Swedish club this past week. There were mentions that he had already been released, which appears to be likely since he posted the police print-out on his Instagram. On the work front, Drake appears to be doing well in the wake of the June release of his most recent album, Honestly, Nevermind. In addition to his own songs, Drake has demonstrated his appreciation for some of the timeless hits he grew up listening to.

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