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Drake Responds To Criticism Of His New Album ‘Honestly, Nevermind’

Drake shocked followers by announcing he'd be dropping new music at midnight on Thursday with just a few hours' notice.

Just after surprising fans with his seventh studio album Drake gets backlash. However, a day after the release of his new album, Drake has spoken out in defence of its criticism. The artist appeared in a video posted to Twitter in which he said, “That’s what we do. We wait for you to catch up.” Fans had previously turned to social media to give mixed and shocked reviews of the dance-themed project.

The twelve-second video clip was shared by the Twitter account Rap Alert and in it, the musician was barely visible as he was in a dark room. One of the songs from his 14-track release played in the background as he gave viewers his two cents. At the top of the snippet, he said, ‘It’s all good if you don’t get it yet,’ before finishing with, ‘We caught up already. On to the next.’

Drake shocked followers by announcing he’d be dropping new music at midnight on Thursday with just a few hours’ notice. Yet after staying up to listen to the tracks, fans were not impressed, questioning why he’d opted for a creative change and released a house music album. Taking to Twitter, a fan penned, “Honestly, Nevermind is quite frankly what drake should have done before he decided to release whatever the fuck this album is.”

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Another wrote, “Drake is in his laziest era and it will impact his legacy in the long run, constantly choosing relevancy over creating high-quality bodies of work. One user said, “Pretending to agree with people that Drake’s ‘surprise’ album is actually good is exhausting. It’s whack.” While another tweeted, “Drake dropped Scorpion and I really thought it was hands down his worst album ever, but NEVER did I think his next album would be worse and the NEXT album even WORSE than THAT. omg.”

Drake took to Instagram on Saturday to share a carousel of new photos that proved further how unbothered he is by the bad reviews. He wrote in the caption ‘Sympathetic 22,’ which corresponded with his camouflaged shirt that said ‘sympathy’ on it in capital orange lettering. The father-of-one sipped from a wine glass and flashed his middle finger in one photo.

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