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Demi Spills Beans, Total Sobriety Doesn’t Work For Her

Best known for her songs, this undisputed queen of Hollywood pop music industry, in her recent cover shoot interview, Demi spills beans, total sobriety doesn't work for her.

Best known for her songs like Commando In Chief, Solo, Sober, and so on, globally loved queen of pop music and superstar entertainer Demi Lovato is loved by all her fans across the globe and is ruling the hearts of audiences and fans as well. Recently Demi spills beans, total sobriety doesn’t work for her.

In a recent cover shoot interview for a globally renowned entertainment magazine, Demi spills beans, total sobriety doesn’t work for her.

Lately, she is opening up more frequently with her fans and followers about the good, bad, and all the other things that she felt and went through as an individual which could be the main reason about how gradually in latest interview conversation off late, Demi spills beans, total sobriety doesn’t work for her.

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For the undisputed queen of pop music Demi Lovato, we feel that ‘sober’ is a really loaded word that has been used too much often in her entire career over the time span of last decade which has been used smartly by her sometimes to describe herself and sometimes not which is even name of one of her songs but now within this year after all this back and forth, what is her real approach to soberness in 2021.

Demi started off her career in the Disney Channel’s original movie Camp Rock (2008) followed by its sequel and then her own series titled Sonny With A Chance and in that time span, she started touring with her Camp Rock co-stars Nick and Joe Jonas and also went into the bad habit of alcohol and drugs also went to rehab in 2010, which ultimately ended her time on the Disney Channel and then continuously discussed her sobriety in the following years and also in her 2017 documentary, Its Complicated. Skipping straight to June 2018, Demi dropped a song named ‘Sober’ and in it she confessed the truth of using drugs and alcohol again and in next month she was hospitalized for drugs overdose and now her much awaited new documentary Dancing With The Devil which will be premiering on 23rd March 2021, promises to reveal all the backstory about her drugs overdose severity back in 2018.

Within this four part Youtube docu series trailer, we saw how Demi spoke, “I had three strokes. I had a heart attack. My doctors said that I had five to 10 more minutes”.

In early 2020, Demi returned to music with new songs ‘Anyone’, and I Love Me and whilst promoting I Love Me on The Ellen Degeneres Show, she revealed about her eating disorder problem and the restrictions put on her by those people who were there in her team made her turn back to drugs and alcohol again in 2018.

She said, “I’m thinking to myself, ‘I’m six years sober, but I’m miserable. I’m even more miserable than I was when I was drinking. Why am I sober?. it was only three months before I ended up in a hospital with an OD”.

Since that fatal overdose back in 2018 which brought her back from brink of severity, Demi no longer restricts her eating so this part is really better for her and explaining why the typical sobriety didn’t really feel right to her anymore and was not her cup of tea in her recent cover shoot interview with a leading globally renowned entertainment magazine Demi said, “I think I want to try this balance thing in the substance side of my life too. A one-size-fits-all solution does not work for everybody”.

So as of now, currently Demi is not on hard drugs and not totally sober but is certainly open to having occasional drink or smoking marijuana and explaining about this part, Demi told, “What I’m encouraging people to do is just make choices for themselves. Autonomy, for me, is what changed my life”.

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