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David Henrie And Selena Gomez Are Considering A Wizards Of Waverly Place Reboot

We've been awaiting a reboot ever since Wizards of Waverly Place hit Disney+, and it sounds like the cast is just as eager to return to their magical roots.

While promoting directorial debut, ‘This Is the Year’, which drops on Aug. 28 with a public-opened virtual premiere, Henrie told EW that he and Gomez frequently talk about where they now see their Wizards characters.

“We talk about it all the time, like just as friends,”  he says. “We would love to, at the right time, figure out a reunion.”

The two, who have remained close on the hit Disney Channel since their days, show that aired from 2007 to 2012, speak so much about it, in fact, that they have plotted up an entire storyline for their characters.

“I think we know what made the show special was the fact that the Russos were a family,” he said. “So we talked about what would make a great [future] season is if you kind of started them off present day, eight years later, and they’re not a family. So you have them all in their own worlds doing their own things busy with their own lives.”

The four-season series ended in January 2012 with an hour-long finale that saw Russo’s siblings Alex (Gomez), Justin (Henrie), and Max (Jake T. Austin) competing in the family wizard competition. Finally, Alex became the family wizard, Justin was declared WizTech ‘s new Headmaster and also managed to retain his wizard powers, and Max was chosen to run the sub-sandwich shop for the Russo family.

According to Selena Gomez and Henrie’s perspective, the future events will still have Justin as the headmaster but now married with kids.”He’s doing his own thing, hasn’t spoken to the family in a while just because he’s busy,” Henrie states. “Alex is like some fashion mogul, like Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada, off in wizard land just killing it, crushing life. And Max is like a sub shop conglomerate. He took the subway shop, and he’s turned them into like a franchise now. So now he’s like the Subway of the sub world in New York.”

Henrie joked is that the Russos have forgotten how to be a family. “So in the version Selena and I joke about is we would join forces at the beginning of the show on some cause somewhere, one of the parents got sick or something happened to Uncle Kelbo, and then all of us get back together again.” He continued saying, “And we have to learn how to be a family once again. And so that’s kind of the version that Selena and I joke about, but who knows what will happen?”

While there is not yet an official reunion of Wizards in the cards, Henrie and Gomez have teamed up again for This Is The Year, which Henrie directed, wrote, and stars in, and Gomez is executive producer for the film. Tickets are available now for the film’s virtual release, which is also the first feature film for Bold Entertainment.

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