Damon’s Relationships In The Vampire Diaries From Best To Worst

Fans might have whatever views and opinions on Damon's love stories in the series, but here are Damon's relationships in The Vampire Diaries from best to worst.

There were many romances in the entire 8 seasons of CW’s superhit and timeless teen supernatural drama series The Vampire Diaries (CW, 2009 – 2017) and so here’s Damon’s relationships in The Vampire Diaries from best to worst.

Particularly the hunk and charismatic vampire of Mystic Falls Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder), elder brother of Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley) had many affairs and short lived romances in creator Julie Plec’s supernatural drama series and so this is Damon’s relationships in The Vampire Diaries from best to worst.

Whilst some relationships weren’t smooth and fans wanted its end, some were also riveting and enthralling which engaged the audiences and netizens which is why we bring forth is Damon’s relationships in The Vampire Diaries from best to worst.

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1. Damon and Sybil – One of worst ones was this one in season 8 of TVD wherein Sybil manipulated Damon’s memories and made him feel that she was his first love not Elena which also made #Delena fans angry as heck and then Damon’s memories started coming back to him through fog and he realized he was being played and fooled by her and their relationship was never consented by him and over Sybil is his worst love interest till date.

2. Damon and Caroline – Damon’s bad and outright cruel treatment to Caroline with whom he initially started sleeping together and later on fed on her without her will thereby making her a vampire has always made fans hate Damon from start itself and when she tried going away, he compelled her to be fine with everything he did with her and he crossed many lines in this relationship which he shouldn’t have had.

3. Damon and Andie – When Damon and Andie started dating, he did same thing to her like he did with Caroline like sleeping with her forcefully feeding off her and then compelling her to be fine with it but here Damon actually started caring for her and stopped forcing her as well to later forming a real relationship but this doesn’t erase his past behaviour where he assaulted Andie and this one can’t be lauded.

4. Damon and Katherine – Katherine who is Elena’s doppelganger was Damon’s first love for whom her devoted 150 years of his existence and when he thought she was trapped in a tomb under Felt’s church, he tried finding a way out to free her but she wasn’t in tomb and never cared for him as much as he did and even after confessing her love for Damon, it never felt real and intense when compared to the way she felt about Stefan and this was one sided almost not loved along with not being rooted by fans.

5. Damon and Rebekah – Damon and Rebekah had a sexual relationship rather than a real romantic one wherein both of them slept together for lashing out on people they cared about and Rebekah cared more for Stefan than Damon which never bothered Damon at all and even though there were no sparks, but he had more potential with Rebekah than any of his other love interests.

6. Damon and Rose – If Damon was never completely into Elena then surely he and Rose would have had a real chance as she was always there together on Damon’s side and became someone close in whom he could confide in as she understood him like no one else did and they had good romantic chemistry.

7. Damon And Bonnie – These both started off as enemies which took six seasons for them to come united and become bestfriends who also cared about one another a lot after spending time together when they were trapped in the prison world and also Bonnie was only girl Damon had ever put in his priority list above Elena and this friendship would have been a foundation for much more.

8. Damon and Elena – No matter how netizens and viewers still have mixed views about Damon and Elena’s relationship but this is true that Elena (Nina Dobrev) is Damon’s only real love in entire series and post moving on from Katherine in season 1, Damon falls so hard for Elena Gilbert that anyone else was with him only for passing time and he also becomes a better man for her and the entire journey from being emotionless to becoming emotional and romantic is really commendable and this love story is at front and epicentre of TVD which is not wrong.