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Joseph And Daniel’s Accurate Predictions About Klaus And Elijah’s Death

Best known for their much loved spin off series The Originals (CW, 2013 - 2018), this story coming out now is for Joseph and Daniel's accurate predictions about Klaus and Elijah's death.

We all know how the spin-off of ace showrunner Julie Plec’s The Vampire Diaries (2009 – 2017) titled The Originals (2013 – 2018) which primarily focused on the Mikaelson family being the only original tribrids and oldest royal supernatural family who came to take back their town New Orleans and entire storyline surrounding them all was a huge hit with fans also creating their own fandoms and ships of couples in the series but now what we didn’t knew was that how on point were Joseph and Daniel’s accurate predictions about Klaus and Elijah’s death.

This is indeed an unheard story and fact coming out now that both these on screen siblings in an old interview had made real epilogue with Joseph and Daniel’s accurate predictions about Klaus and Elijah’s death.

So when the final scene got wrapped up in The Originals which was of both Klaus and Elijah dying together and this move did shock many people but what people didn’t know is that even before their series got filmed for final season and wrapped in 2018, 3 years back in 2015 during a press event, both these onscreen dynamite brothers duo had spoken about it jokingly with Joseph and Daniel’s accurate predictions about Klaus and Elijah’s death.

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This entire The Vampire Diaries (TVD) Universe indeed does have a quirky knack of creating supernatural sibling factions with Klaus and Elijah Mikaelson, Damon and Stefan Salvatore followed by Josie and Lizzie Saltzman who made their own niche in their respective shows but out of them lot, Mikaelsons indeed did prove themselves to be an intriguing and totally exceptional bunch since werewolf, vampire and witch blood flowed in their original bloodline and their undying bond is still loved and missed by fans across the globe.

But not only stopping at this, their predictions for same came eerily true and were bang on.

In final season of The Originals (2018), we see how throughout all the seasons the Mikaelson clan are totally connected by their eternal phrase of Always And Forever which kept them all together amidst of all the love, pain, betrayal and sibling rivalry wherein both Klaus and Elijah sacrificed themselves for protecting Klaus’s daughter Hope and in last scene, we see Elijah breaking the white oak dagger stake into two halves and saying to his brother Klaus, “I intend to die by your side”. With tears in their eyes, they both vowed to face their afterlife together and also staked each other as well where their embers are shown as floating in the air.

Speaking about their predictions for Klaus Mikaelson and Elijah Mikaelson’s death coming eerily correct, in an appearance back in 2015 on The Originals panel for San Diego Comic Con, when a fan asked them about how do they want to die in the show, on this Joseph Morgan responded, “I know how I want to go. Out in a blaze of glory, killed by Elijah in a giant sword fight. Maybe it could be a double sort of like you stab me in the heart, but I stab you in the heart”.

After this, Daniel Gillies also answered, “It’s true though. I’d want to be murdered by Klaus” and before they both spoke, showrunner Julie Plec jokingly told that now she would be taking notes about their answers as well.

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