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Home Entertainment Hollywood BTS X Coldplay Releases ‘My Universe’ Official Video – Watch

BTS X Coldplay Releases ‘My Universe’ Official Video – Watch

BTS and Coldplay officially premiere the video of their recent collaboration, 'My Universe.' BTS leader RM dedicated the song to his ARMY.

BTS X Coldplay Releases 'My Universe' Official Video
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BTS and Coldplay’s English-Korean collaboration My Universe has been creating waves ever since its release on September 24. And now, fans of both the popular bands have a reason to whoop as the video of the song dropped at a live premiere on Thursday. It was met by delirious excitement, as fans flooded the live comments section with applause.

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Directed by Dave Meyers, the album My Universe is set in the distant galaxy of The Spheres where music is forbidden. Due to the pandemic, most have lived in isolation and are cut off from their loved ones, and can only meet virtually only. This sentiment was portrayed in the video as most of the members appear as just holograms. We see a surfeit of colorful characters as well, adding to the plot of the video.

Chris Martin takes the viewers through a mind-blowing tour as he roams through the universe. The song ends with the two bands singing and dancing in different geographic locations, to show that they are always connected. BTS and Coldplay then unite with the alien supergroup called Supernova 7, via hologram, to flout the music ban.

BTS and Coldplay recently released a documentary of what went on behind the scenes of the song. In the documentary, Chris Martin was seen praising BTS, particularly Jungkook. He said, “It’s very special to me that the most popular artists in the world speak Korean and are like a group of brothers, not from the West.” He continues, “It feels very hopeful to me, in terms of thinking of the world as one family. Then of course, when you see who they are and their songs, it’s really a message of togetherness and being yourself.”

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BTS’s leader RM had said that he wrote the lyrics, picturing the day he can reunite with ARMY. “Chris said that this song is very personal for him as a part of him is frustrated by the fact that Coldplay can’t play live in a concert. I thought about how to make this relevant to BTS. Since the lyrics go, ‘You are my universe,’ this song should definitely be dedicated to ARMY. I wrote the lyrics while picturing the day we will reunite with ARMY.”

However, a few days back, Coldplay performed with this music superstar at a festival in New York City. My Universe will be featured on Coldplay’s upcoming album Music of The Spheres, which they will be releasing on October 15. Fans can pre-order the album from iTunes.

Catch up the song here:

Credit: Officially YouYube Channel