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BTS Wins Big With 4 Awards At People’s Choice Awards 2020

Best known for their songs Boy With Luv (Feat Halsey, 2019), Idol (Feat Nicki Minaj 2018), Make It Right (Feat Lauv, 2019) and Dynamite (2020), BTS wins big with 4 awards at the People's Choice Awards 2020.

The K Pop global superstars and only boy band to have 4 hit billboard 100 albums in the bill board charts since past few months with the band winning almost all the coveted and most huge and illustrious awards everywhere where their number one hit single Dynamite is breaking records and creating new milestones for their band as whole. Well, the Indian #btsarmies will be very proud to know that their favorite stellar band BTS wins big with 4 awards at People’s Choice Awards 2020.

This is indeed the most exciting and happening news update of the day that the globally renowned superstars K pop band BTS wins big with 4 awards at People’s Choice Awards 2020.

They won these 4 awards for The Song Of 2020 (BTS: Dynamite), Album of 2020 (Map Of The Soul: 7), Music Video Of 2020 (Dynamite), and The Group Of 2020 (BTS).

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This indeed a very long and well deserved win for the BTS who have been in this music industry since their debut back in 2013 which is 7 years back. Since then till now, the band has evolved a lot and their music is for the purpose of giving happiness and positivity to fans and people all around the world.

The global superstars have been successful enough in creating a noise even in our Bollywood film industry with their song Dynamite, which is being loved and adored by our Bollywood film stars and music industry as well where all sections have lauded and raved about the song with sharing their love for BTS and their music.

In a highly competitive and most loved Hollywood music industry where since past so many years, no Korean band has ever won these many innumerous highly coveted and important awards, BTS is the only band to break this stereotype successfully by dominating the global music charts internationally and in India as well where the #BTSarmies in India have a huge hand in making Dynamite the number one hit English song in India.

We all along with the armies can’t wait to see BTS do a concert in India once things start turning back to normal in the world.

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