Britney Spears Shares Her Pregnancy Mood Swings And Cravings With Fans

Britney Spears addresses the mood swings she's been experiencing due to pregnancy hormones and admitted she's been craving pickles.

Britney Spears is currently enjoying a romantic getaway to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with her soon-to-be husband Sam Asghari. And the popstar recently gave fans a pregnancy update as she revealed she’s been struggling with her ‘stupid hormones’ during her holiday. The Toxic singer took to her Instagram to share the details of her eventful day which left her with a scratched knee and craving pickles.

The singer shared a series of snaps with a lengthy note. She started her lengthy caption while noting, “Casted away yet set again to own it. I say it with no humiliation at all whatsoever!!! I literally sit in it the embarrassment I bathe in it, cry in it and laugh in it. Britney continues, “It’s nice folks and believe it or not… the garden… I fell down in and scrapped my knee was more than just THAT… it was a big deal!!! big deal out of nothing why yes… my bloody knee sprinkled over to my dog’s paws…”

Britney went on to explain in the caption, “Security said Sawyer is hurt and I said no it’s me… I think my dog and I became one at that moment like some sort of weird vampire sh*t… wait is my face gonna turn bleach-white tomorrow???” “In my London days just heels… red lips and the whitest face is known to mankind… yep that was me… now I’m in Spanish paradise… trying to stay composed, but kinda weird I will be honest!!!”

The star went on to address the mood swings she’s been experiencing due to pregnancy hormones and admitted she’s been craving pickles. “Being pregnant my hormones are kinda stupid… but it’s weird I want to jump out of the car and run naked like Will Ferrell in ‘Old School.’ She continues, “yep pregnant lady running through don’t mind me and I’m hot as fuck here… I thought the pizza looked great but it tasted like salami!!! I hated it, but the looks of it can be deceiving… I will say it tasted like sh*t… goodnight… it’s pickle time!!!”

Sam Asghari initially met Spears in October of 2016 when they worked together on her video Slumber Party, and they began dating soon thereafter. Sam and Britney got engaged in September of 2021 and last month the singer announced she was expecting her first child with him. Britney, who is mother to sons Sean Preston, and Jayden, with ex-husband Kevin Federline, announced last month that she ‘got a pregnancy test’ and revealed she’s ‘having a baby.’

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