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Bachelorette 2020’s Shoot Location Is Expensive Than Bachelor Mansion

ABC channel's TV reality show Bachelorette 2020's shooting location is expensive than the bachelor mansion itself.

Nowadays it’s safe to say that be it in India or abroad, audiences, viewers and fans of any popular TV reality shows or films always get smitten and are in awe of the shooting locations where they also dream to go at that same place someday if not now and in this same trend, now the latest happening scoop here is that Bachelorette 2020’s shoot location is expensive than bachelor mansion.

So basically, if any film or a reality TV show’s shooting location is very idyllic and scenic enough then yes it immediately grabs the attention and eyeballs of everyone towards it where people get simply awestruck and mesmerized by looking at the locales and beautiful scenery in the show and some very shocking piece of news that we know now is that Bachelorette 2020’s shoot location is expensive than bachelor mansion.

This type of trend is observed with successful films and TV reality shows where that particular show’s fans including the twitteratis and netizens also have big hand in making the film and show successful because ultimately it is only the fans who make the show or a film what it is which can be either be a hit or a flop.

To all the fans, audiences and netizens who dream and wish to experience the idea of living in the Bachelor mansion, there’s sad news as you can’t live in the mansion, but yes, certainly you can get through and end up getting a golden chance to book a room where Clare Crawley shot for The Bachelorette: La Quinta Resort And Club. But this is also true when we say that Bachelorette 2020’s shoot location is expensive than bachelor mansion.

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Unlike the previous seasons of the popular TV reality show which always saw just how the leads welcomed the contestants in the Bachelor Mansion and later they flew away to sail around the world, but yes definitely this time around it is going to be very interesting keeping the ongoing COVID 19 situation in mind, Crawley and her potential suitors were kept in a specially made quarantine bubble at the famous luxury resort in Palm Springs, California for its season 16.

About the same, the show’s host Chris Harrison told a leading international digital entertainment website that honestly pulling off the entire bubble concept was “truly a herculean effort” which got possible only because of the efforts made by the ABC show’s filming crew.

In the same conversation about the show Harrison said, “I think our show is a little bit more conducive to creating a bubble, creating a quarantine and being able to shoot this way. And it worked amazingly well, I think it felt maybe a little bit more like Bachelor in Paradise where we have that atmosphere that we create staying at one resort, but obviously with Paradise there’s a little less pressure because there’s so many people and there’s so many different relationships going on at once”.

Furthermore he also added, “Not ever releasing that pressure by not traveling, usually we’ll stop and go on an airplane travel to a different country and start over again, and so it does, it relieves some of that pressure. It kind of pushes the pause button on some of the stories and when you are just in one place the entire time, it definitely excels and elevates the story, the pressure, the love, the everything”.

The new season for Bachelor Nation would start from the 13th October 2020 where the entire drama of the suitors fighting for Crawley’s love would start. But before that, some basic details about the home of Season 16 that will be aired on ABC TV channel where surely like us, even the audiences and fans would want to be quarantined because of its beautiful ambience and locales. So, the La Quinta resort is situated at the foot of Santa Rosa Mountains specifically on the Eisenhower Drive at La Quinta in California. One of the main reasons why this resort was chosen as The Bachelorette 2020 season 16’s shooting location according to the hotel’s official press release is, “La Quinta Resort’s 45 vibrant acres are ideally suited for social distancing with spacious white-washed adobe casitas accessed via open-air pathways, the plentiful outdoor spaces of La Quinta Resort offer an inspiring setting for celebrating missed moments or new milestones, including engagements, intimate weddings, anniversaries, baby moons, and other events”.

Source: La Quinta Resort Instagram. They shared this picture on their Instagram account where ABC’s TV reality show the Bachelor Nation was shot.

We are sure that after the show’s filming, the fans and audiences who have loved this place after watching it in the TV love reality show will surely be going there to experience the joy of being in a beautiful luxurious resort which is a bit expensive and costly as well since it costs $300 per night as for October 2020.

When La Quinta Resort & Club, A Waldorf Astoria Resort’s general manager Dermot Connolly, was asked by the leading international digital entertainment website about their entire experience of being the show’s shooting location, he said, “We were thrilled to host the entire cast and crew for this very special season of ‘The Bachelorette,’ and serve as a part of television history. As the season unfolds at La Quinta Resort, we look forward to welcoming guests back to our beloved California retreat and helping fans create their own special moments. With its legendary hospitality, serene desert surroundings, and abundance of outdoor space, La Quinta Resort is an ideal setting to make up for lost time and make new memories with friends and family”.

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