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No End To Xenophobic Remarks? 5 Times When BTS Was Subjected To Prejudiced Comments

From being compared with a deadly virus to being subjected to homophobic remarks, kudos to these young superstars for giving it back to the shamers, not by reciprocating with words, but instead with their success!

Think of a group that started their career selling free tickets to promote their group and showcase their talent to the masses, even took their first set of audiences on a date and pampered them with gifts, from being on the verge of disbanding right after their debut to being considered as the ‘flag bearer’ of KPOP. A group whose sole aim was only to survive enough to NOT go bankrupt, and now it not only rules the Korean pop industry, but the global music industry, topping all charts and breaking and setting records at the same time. Sure it wasn’t a cakewalk for the septuplets to have this global recognition, “BTS” have had their own share of struggle and had their own share of sacrifices to be where they are today. From doing local stage shows to performing at the iconic Wembley, this is “BTS”!

Perhaps all of this wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for their loyal fan base, ARMY’s, and we’re pretty sure even “BTS” would agree with us on this. “BTS”, indeed in the history of KPOP, is unarguably the only group to have such a massive fan base, not just in South Korea, but also in many parts of the world. And a big kudos to these loyal fans for standing up for their idols despite being called ‘overprotective’, one couldn’t have said that, if only they knew the bond that this group shares with their fans. Below, we’ve stated 5 times when the popular Korean band was subjected to disrespect and mean remarks that not only stirred controversies but also irked ARMYs to an extent that they lost all their cool.

1. Jimmy Kimmel’s Xenophobic remarks

Jimmy sure tops this list with his recent distasteful remarks that according to him weren’t intended for the group, but even a layman would know where his remarks were directed to. In one of his recent episodes, Jimmy was seen comparing “BTS” indirectly with a deadly virus. The one that’s ‘deadly enough to end life on planet earth’ were his exact words and fans couldn’t help but notice the uncanny comparison. The TV host however defended himself, by saying it wasn’t meant for the group, but perhaps it was too late to justify as ARMYs had by then, already taken over their outrage on the internet

2. James Corden’s Immature remarks

While this comes as a shock, many who know the Grammy’s nominated boy band, also know very well the bond that the boys shared with this American TV host. While “BTS” has been a regular guest on his show, the boys too enjoyed being part of the show on their every visit. When Papa Mochi called BTS fans’ ‘fifteen-year-old girls’, it sure set the internet on fire, as the host received many backlashes for his comment. So much backlash that the host even apologized for his distasteful remark. Too late James!

3. Dominican Radio Show

In one of the radio episodes, the Dominican host was seen making disrespectful comments on the boy band and had even called them ‘ a Chinese version of the “Backstreet Boys”. The radio host thereafter had received severe outrage on various media platforms for the racist comment and many even banned his show thereafter, leading to the host finally apologizing. In the series of apologies, the host had even changed his profile picture on Twitter to that of SUGA, to justify that his apology was sincere.

4. German Radio Host

This German radio host put himself under trouble after his racist remarks, this Bavarian station host Mathias Matuscik compared the group with a Chinese virus, calling them ‘some crappy virus’ for which he hoped there should be a vaccine soon. For this, not just ARMYs but in general netizens schooled the host for his racist and hateful comments that echoed discrimination and racism. Following the massive outrage, the host released an apology video.

5. Australian TV Show

The Korean Boy was once featured at an Australian TV show called “20 to one”, where BTS” was ranked 18th spot on its top 20 pop culture list. Hosts Erin Molan and Nick Cody git into hot waters with the ARMY’s when they introduced the group as “At number 18, it’s the biggest group you’ve never heard of.” Then, proceeded to call them the “South Korean One Direction.” As they played the clip of one of BTS’s songs, comedian Mel Butter butted into dua, “There are 7 members. That is a lot. Surely you could fire 4 of them”. Many fans including the Australian BTS army were left disappointed after this belittling comment.

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