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Did Dakota Johnson Just Confirm She’s Been CAST As Madame Web In Spider-Man Spinoff?

Madame Web is a character who first appeared in the November 1980 issue of The Amazing Spider-Man.

It’s becoming increasingly more likely that Dakota Johnson will soon play a superhero. It was first reported by Deadline that the actress will be taking on the role of Madame Web in the upcoming Sony movie earlier this week. And now Johnson added fuel to the fire with a cryptic Instagram message that seemed to confirm the news. The Fifty Shades of Grey star posted a photo to her Instagram story which showed a small spiderweb in the center of an all-black background.

Madame Web is a clairvoyant who first appeared in the November 1980 issue of The Amazing Spider-Man. The superheroine has a propensity for telling the future of spider-themed superheroes like Spider-Man. She’s usually depicted as an elderly woman with myasthenia gravis, an affliction that shuts down communication between nerves and muscles. She is connected to a life support system that looks like a spiderweb.

However, due to these factors, it’s unclear if Dakota Johnson would be playing the main role or what the final project will ultimately look like. Johnson’s reported involvement with Madame Web isn’t the only movie she became attached to this week. She has also signed to produce an adaptation of The End of Getting Lost for Amazon. The story is set in 1990s Europe, following a recently-married couple, Duncan and Gina who are both on what Duncan claims is their honeymoon.

ALSO READDakota Johnson To Play Madame Web In Spider-Man Spinoff

The trip takes a serious turn when Gina suffers from a mysterious accident, as the story begins to go back and forth between the past and present. The story also alternates between the husband and wife’s perspective, which paints a proverbial portrait of, ‘love’s power and dangers.’ While they bounce around various European countries, both of their former lives threaten to catch up with the couple. The novel, written by Robin Kirman, will be released on February 15.

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