16 And Pregnant Star Sean Garinger’s Sudden Demise At The Age OF 20

20-year-old actor Sean Garinger passed away in an ATV accident. He shared two little daughters with his ex-girlfriend Selena Gutierrez.

“16 and Pregnant” star Sean Garinger passed away in an ATV accident. The incident happened on February 28 near his home in Boone, North Carolina. This 20-year-old actor’s tragic death was a shock to his mother and his ex-girlfriend with whom he shared two daughters.

His mother Mary Hobbs narrated the accident scene, saying, “He was just moving [the ATV] from one parking spot to the next for me, so I could back into park. He pulled [in] front of me to park the ATV and the ground gave way from all the rain and mud.” And later that ATV flipped over her son. She screamed for help but it was too late. Mary Hobbs is going through the severe emotional pain of losing her son at his young age. She said, “There was a huge part of my heart that died with my son on Wednesday. He was my only son, my rock, my strength when I had none left.”

Selena Gutierrez, his ex-girlfriend, broke her silence over this harsh happening. Though they had some differences with each other, he was the father of her daughters, Dareli 3 and Esmi 19 months old. She shared her grief with DailyMail and said, “Not only was I with him for nine plus years, he was my first love, my first everything, and we had two beautiful daughters that I’ll always be grateful for.” She talked about his visit to their daughter a week before his death. “I know from what his mom said he was happier than ever to see them. The girls loved him. He was planning to come back and see them on his own”, she added.

Garinger hit the screen in the 6th season of 16 and Pregnant along with his girlfriend. His demise was a big loss for his loved one. 

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