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Women Cinema & Arts Film Festival 2020 By Director Vikrant More & Priya Jaiswal

Women Cinema & Arts Film Festival 2020 was held in Mumbai and recognized the talent of women in cinema and arts.

The agenda of this great annual fest is to reward women’s talent in 100s of numbers with the prestigious award of WCAIFF Award globally. This fest is about paying respect to those who had contributed with their priceless efforts at their level to support the women and on solving their issues.

Managing Director Mr. Vikrant More and Director Ms. Priya Jaiswal shared their views on the future projects on this subject at the national and international level, which will include film promotions, sales companies and also the writers whose writing brought up light on women’s issues and their struggle.

The chief guest of this fest was Mrs. Jyoti Tomar (choreographer of the famous song ‘Ghoomer’), Aruna Raje (first women editor), Anuradha Singh and many more famous faces from the film industry.

During the fest, most women had expressed their perspective and dimensions on the struggle of women with media.

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