Gul Panag Launches India’s First Doctor-Patient Network ‘DocsCampus’

Actor Gul Panag launched HealWell24's new venture 'DocsCampus' which aims to revolutionize India's healthcare system.

The Covid-19 pandemic has exposed the loopholes in the healthcare system of our country. We have seen thousands of people losing their lives due to a lack of timely treatment, medical supplies etc. The pandemic severely hit the rural areas due to the lack of qualified doctors and effective treatment facilities.

Healwell24 has launched a new venture called with an aim to revolutionize the Indian healthcare system. This online platform will provide information and access to patients through a user-managed network of Doctors and Patients owned and moderated with the community at its center stage. It will serve as a powerful online, tech-enabled platform for Pharma companies to be able to do timely high-quality product launches in the Covid-19 led lockdowns & restrictions.

DocsCampus is the brainchild of J K Singha and was launched amidst very select highly esteemed Doctors and the talented and beautiful Actress, socialite & philanthropist Gul Panag in Mumbai.

JK Singha says, “HealWell24, the current product, already empowers individuals with remote screening, where patients can connect with their dedicated doctors anytime, from anywhere, and engage in live video sessions. We also provide additional support, like doctor home visit, home lab test or medicine delivery, to our customers- all of which are fulfilled on the same day by our team. And with DocsCampus. we would consider us successful when we have removed the existing asymmetry of access & information for doctors or medical students in rural and semi urban areas and their patients.”

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