Why Did Karan Johar Choose 1980 As His Password?

Catch the inside deets of K-Jo's action-packed Yodha's terrific trailer launch at a massive height of 36,000 ft in the sky!

Only after watching it did one realise why Karan Johar and his PR team chose a mid-air launch for the trailer of their new film Yodha.

An action thriller that takes place aboard a plane (like Liam Neeson’s Non-Stop though vastly different as a subject), there was much excitement as a chartered flight packed with the media, hero Sidharth Malhotra, leading ladies Raashii Khanna (a Punjabi who speaks fluent Tamizh and Telugu), Disha Patani (fully clothed) and the Dharma team led by Karan, had all the guests plug in their individual Yodha tablets somewhere up there between Mumbai and Ahmedabad.

Karan then revealed the password ‘1980’ for the tablets to open and for the trailer to start loading. 1980, the year Dharma Productions took off with Dostana, is a sentimental one for Karan.

Mentored by zen-like Shashank Khaitan, director duo Sagar Ambre and Pushkar Ojha make their debut with Yodha which is co-backed by Amazon.

The choice of Ahmedabad as the city for the big screen launch of the Yodha trailer hints at Karan’s interest in Gujarat for filming a future film or two.

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