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When Pooja Bhatt Opened Up On Her Hatred For Soni Razdan

The stunning star Pooja Bhatt celebrates her birthday today, and on this joyous occasion, we reveal about the time when Pooja openly spoke about hatred for Soni Razdan in old interview.

Legendary b town actress and now a producer, director, this is indeed unheard fact about the time when Pooja Bhatt opened up on her hatred for Soni Razdan.

An untold story right here is about the times when Pooja Bhatt opened up on her hatred for Soni Razdan.

With a totally dysfunctional family tree, we will take you down the memory lane back to the times when Pooja Bhatt opened up on her hatred for Soni Razdan.

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In an old interview from past, we will see how frankly did Pooja Bhatt claim her father Mahesh Bhatt’s second wife Soni Razdan as her enemy and then about the entire journey of how they both went on to become friends with each other.

Ace filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt was earlier married to Kiran Bhatt and then had an extra marital affair with Soni Razdan and later got married to Soni Razdan. Pooja Bhatt is Mahesh Bhatt’s daughter from his earlier marriage with Kiran. On the happy occasion of Pooja Bhatt’s birthday today, in an old interview Pooja had confessed about how she was the first person to have knowledge of her father Mahesh and Soni’s affair with each other and also spoke about how she considered Soni Razdan to be someone who was an enemy since in her point of view, she snatched her father away from Pooja.

In an old interview with a leading indian entertainment magazine, Pooja was quoted saying, “He never hid anything from me. Once I was fast asleep and at around one-thirty in the morning, he woke me up from my deep slumber and told me, Pooja I’m seeing another woman. I’m having an affair with her and I want you to know first. This was even before my mom knew of it. So that shows how open and honest he is with me. There used to be times when I used to flare up at the very mention of her name.”

Further, she also explained about becoming friends with Soni as time is healer of wounds and everything. She on this point told, “Time healed my heartaches as well. We began by saying hi, hello and then onto making small talk. It took off from there and now we are good friends. Now they get along fine”.

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