Pooja Bhatt Has THIS Advice To The People On Their Journey To Become Sober

Pooja Bhatt candidly speaks about what she did when the feeling of having a drink hit her out of nowhere.

Actress Pooja Bhatt has been very candid about her drinking habit. She never misses a chance to speak about how she decided to quit drinking. The Sadak actress places emphasis on having strong will power.
Taking to her Instagram handle, Pooja Bhatt recently penned down a note after she had a strong urge to have a drink.

The note reads, “Yesterday I had this great urge to drink. The feeling came out of nowhere, in the middle of the afternoon while I was watching a brilliant show on Netflix with my dog settled comfortably at my feet.”

Furthermore, Pooja added,  “I was in a truly happy place but yet, the palpable urge hit me like a tsunami threatening to drown all that I had built in the last four years. So what did I do? I allowed the feeling to sweep over me. Resisting would guarantee that I drown. I sat there and imagined popping open a bottle of champagne, pouring myself a glass, and letting the bubbles course through my being like effervescent stars. It felt heady. Then the feeling passed.”

She then soaked some sun and inhaled some fresh air. Pooja accompanied this note with two quotes on recovery, to sum up, what she felt.

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