When Amjad Khan Condemned Suresh Oberoi For His Spoiled Character In “Ek Baar Phir”

Amjad Khan scolded Suresh Oberoi for his role in the movie "Ek Baar Phir", but later Suresh Oberoi explained to him the entire background of why he did that movie.

77-year-old actor Suresh Oberoi has portrayed various characters throughout his acting career. He was last seen in Ranbir Kapoor’s “Animal”. Suresh Oberoi had a very struggling journey in the film industry. That one film became a turning point in his life. He gained tremendous popularity and work after that movie, but many people, including stars, criticized his role in that film and it was “Ek Baar Fir”. 

Ek Baar Phir was released in the year 1980, and it was a major break for Suresh Oberoi, but his character Mahender Kumar was a spoiled and self-centered guy. Director Vinod Pande showed his character in a very low light with girls and money, which was a little exaggerated. After Ek Baar Phir, many actresses refused to work with Suresh Oberoi. Once Sholay actor Amjad Khan condemned this actor for Ek Baar Phir, In an exclusive interview with Lehren Retro, he shared this experience. He said, “I was playing a Police Officer in a film. I saw Amjad Khan there; I am a big fan of his. I went to meet him and said, ‘Sir, I am Suresh Oberoi.’ He responded, ‘Oh you are the same who did ‘Ek Baar Phir’. Are we superstars like this? Do we show these things on screen?’” 

Later, someone made Amjad realize that he shouldn’t have said that. At the end, Suresh Oberoi met Amjad and talked to him. He clarified his side, saying, “ At the end I said Amjad Khan, ‘A person who barely has money and if someone comes and promises him to give him money, make him a hero and an opportunity to go to London, will you deny that offer?’ Then he said, ‘Yeah, you are right. If Dharmendra had done this, it would not be fair; but a newcomer, Okay. If you need any help any time, come to me, I am there.’”

He narrated the entire story of how he ended up getting Ek Baar Phir in the interview. Do watch it here.

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