WATCH: Here’s What Bollywood Actress Huma Qureshi Had To Say When Asked About ‘Muslim Rights’ In India

Recently, PM Modi's Visit to USA Ignites Questions On Muslim Rights in India

Bollywood actress Huma Qureshi, who is garnering appreciation for her role in “Tarla Dalal,” recently appeared in an interview with Aaj Tak News channel. During the interview, Huma was asked about her experience as a Muslim, juxtaposing it with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent visit to the US where he was questioned about minority rights in India.

In response to the question, Huma expressed her confusion, saying, “I don’t understand why these discussions are taking place nowadays.” The anchor then explained the context, stating, “These discussions are happening because during PM Narendra Modi’s recent visit to America, the media asked him about the safety and rights of Muslims in India. Do you think this was an appropriate question?”

Reacting to this, Huma shared her perspective, saying, “I have never really realized that I am Muslim and different. My father has been running a restaurant, Saleem’s, in Kailash Colony (Delhi) for 50 years. Personally, I have never felt any discrimination. However, others may have had different experiences. Nevertheless, I believe it is important to ask questions, and every government should provide answers.”

Shifting the focus to her film “Tarla Dalal,” where Huma portrays the titular role, the movie has been released today and is receiving positive feedback.

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