The Savarkar Rage: Provoking Rap By Rapper Sambata In Randeep Hooda’s “Veer Savarkar”

The Savarkar Rage is a rap song from Randeep Hooda's "Swatantra Veer Savarkar". This rap song is created by Sambata, a Marathi rapper. The lyrics of the song have grabbed the attention of viewers on the internet.

Randeep Hooda has given a Gen Z touch to the Swatantra Veer Savarkar movie by releasing a rap song created for the movie. Indeed, it is a good publicity tactic as it has grabbed the attention of many viewers. The Savarkar Rage, a rap based on Veer Savarkar’s extreme desire and efforts to make India an independent nation. The Savarkar Rage is written and sung by rapper Sambata, which is a mixture of Marathi as well as Hindi. 

The Savarkar Rage is a rap written from Savarkar’s point of view. The use of words and music is one point that easily intacs listeners till the end. As the name of the rap suggests, it has correctly described the rage Savarkar had against British rulers. Talking about Sambata, his real name is Pratham Jogdand. He is popular for his provoking lyrics he used to reflect the different issues in society. He finely uses hip-hop styles in his creations. The Savarkar Rage is a perfect blend of his style and Randeep Hooda’s objective behind making this movie. This rap song may help a movie to garner audiences in a large number. 

Swatantra Veer Savarkar will be released on March 22. This film, by Randeep Hooda, is about the story of freedom fighter Veer Savarkar who sacrificed his life for India. The movie also cast Ankita Lokhande in the character of Yamunabai Savarkar. Produced by Zee Studio, the movie will be released in two languages, English and Marathi. 

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